Tips to Pass the Driving License Exam

Tips to Pass the Driving License Exam

Before you take your driving license exam to become a safe driver in Dubai, you should know all the tips to pass it. These include driving safely and staying away from red lights. You should also keep your eyes on the road, avoid distractions, and practice advanced maneuvers. The following tips will help you ace your driving license test. Try them out! They will make a big difference on the day of the test! Read on to discover more.

Avoiding running a red light:

The first step in avoiding running a red light is recognizing when it happens. A recent AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety survey shows that 11% of people fail their driving license exams because they disobeyed a traffic sign. While the extreme case runs a red light, most traffic violations result from tricky signage. For example, if you see a full stop or yield sign, you should stop, not continue.

Keeping your eyes laser-focused on the road:

Keeping your eyes on the road to pass the driving license exam is a vitally important skill, and many students make the mistake of focusing too much on the road ahead while taking the exam. While this can be a useful skill in driving, it is dangerous and will likely result in an automatic fail. To help pass the driving license exam, follow these tips:

Avoiding distractions:

Distractions can be of various kinds. There are visual distractions, such as chatting on the cell phone and rubbernecking, and auditory distractions, such as children crying or passengers talking. Distractions can also be physical, such as adjusting the radio or putting on the seatbelt. By avoiding distractions while driving, you will have less time to spend on the road and a higher chance of passing the test.

Practicing advanced maneuvers:

The driving license exam will often require drivers to perform advanced maneuvers. One of the most common markdowns is poor breaking. To transition from decelerating to gently applying the brakes, it is important to begin braking a few seconds before the car reaches a complete stop. The hand position should also be correct and the same as on the clock (just above the midway point of either side).

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