Packing Tips to Follow When Storing Your Belongings in a Storage Unit

Packing Tips to Follow When Storing Your Belongings in a Storage Unit

There are several things to remember when packing your items for storage in Dubai. For instance, ensure all boxes are labeled and don’t overload them. Lighter boxes should be placed on top of heavy ones so they can be moved without being crushed. Keep frequently-used items near the front of the unit. Use moving sheets, pads, and light blankets to protect your items from damage and save space. You can also disassemble beds and furniture to make space for items in the storage unit.

Taking inventory

When packing for storage, you should keep an inventory list to know exactly what you have. This way, you won’t accidentally misplace an item or forget to pack it. Also, it will be easy to find everything, and you can check your list to ensure it’s accurate. Humans are visual creatures, and keeping a list of everything in your storage unit will make your life much easier when needed.


Think again if you’re tempted to throw everything into the storage unit. Many people attach too much emotional value to their things, thinking that letting go of them will mean they’ll lose memories. While this is true, remember that people are more than their stuff, and letting go of something doesn’t make it less valuable. It would help if you were patient and gentle when processing your grief.

Using shelves

When packing for storage units, using shelves is an excellent way to organize and maximize available space. It also prevents the topmost boxes from crushing the bottom, as can happen when you use too many boxes. This way, you can store items from floor to ceiling without worrying about the topmost ones getting crushed. Stacking boxes vertically is also an effective way to maximize the storage space. While moving, it is also a good idea to label and keep a list of items.

Stacking based on fragility

To ensure that your belongings are safe during storage, you should follow some tips to protect your possessions. First, consider the fragility of your belongings. Depending on their weight and fragility, you should pack them differently. Generally, heavy items should be stored on the bottom of the unit, while fragile items should be placed on the top. Avoid stacking boxes too high, as this could result in them tipping over. Always remember to leave extra space in the storage unit to rearrange unplanned items.

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