An Ultimate Guide to AC Service & Maintenance

An Ultimate Guide to AC Service & Maintenance

If you want to avoid any repair expenses or problems, you should have your HVAC unit serviced once a year. It may last several years without any service, but getting it serviced regularly can increase the effectiveness and life of the unit. It’s a good idea to put the date for the next years’ service on your calendar. Most smartphones allow you to set recurring appointments. Then, when the time comes, call Daikin AC suppliers in UAE for more info. Here is an AC service guide for you.

Replace or clean air conditioner filters:

How often you replace or clean your air conditioner filter depends on several factors. First, visually inspect your filter. If it is layered with dirt and debris, replace it as soon as possible. Even if the filter is not at the end of its lifespan, you should still check its condition every few months. To determine the right replacement frequency, measure the dimensions of your air filter by measuring it from one side to the other.

Remove obstructions from the condensate drain line:

Removing any blockages from the drain line is important when servicing an air conditioner. These can be either in the drain pan beneath the evaporator coil or the condensate drain line, which extends to the floor drain near the HVAC system. If you cannot unclog the drain line, you may need to use a wet-dry vacuum to remove debris from the condensate pan. Once you’re done, you can flush out the drain line with a quarter-cup of bleach in a gallon of warm water.

Clear condensate drain line:

After servicing your air conditioner, you will want to clear the condensate drain line. This PVC pipe connects the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. It is attached to a house wall with a capped T-shaped vent. Remove the cap to access the drain line and look for any blockage. If you see standing water, use a rag to remove the clog. If you cannot reach the line, use suction to remove the condensate.

Check the condensate drain line:

If you’re having issues with your air conditioning system, it might be time to check the condensate drain line. If you see water in the area around the AC unit, it’s likely the line has clogged. You can locate the drain line by looking for a white plastic pipe near the condenser. If the drain line is dry, there’s a clog somewhere, and you might not notice it until it’s too late.

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