All You Need to Know About the American Curriculum

All You Need to Know About the American Curriculum

American curriculum is considered one of the most reliable education for children. This education develops social and critical skills in a child. In this article, we’ll discuss the common core standards, State-based tests, Exams, and the College-readiness component of the American curriculum schools in Dubai. We’ll also look at the American curriculum’s emphasis on the whole child. The curriculum is designed to meet intellectual needs while also investing in the child’s social and physical well-being. 

Common Core standards

The Common Core standards for the American curriculum were developed over 18 months. In late 2008, the three main groups released a report that sought public and expert comment. The standards were finalized in June 2010 and detailed the reasoning behind them. Common Core is aimed at solving two main problems: the current academic standards for students are mediocre at best and the business and policy leaders hope the standards will fix both problems.

While some states were hesitant to adopt the Common Core standards, many of them later embraced the standards. While many states didn’t have to adopt the Common Core to receive federal money, almost all states adopted the standards to ensure that their students were prepared for college. In addition, another grant program was created to develop Common Core tests. In the end, both programs have proven to be successful. The common standards have largely been praised by education and business leaders alike.


Throughout the American curriculum, students take two sets of national exams. First, there are SAT and ACTs. Second, there is Advanced Placement, which allows high school seniors to earn college credits without completing a four-year university degree program. Third, there is the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), a federally funded system of assessing education. This is the only national test that measures the same standard of knowledge across the country.

While the American Curriculum is a standards-based system that strives to educate the whole child, individual states retain the right to deliver their standards. For this reason, American schools abroad can choose to use the most recent standards. 

College-readiness component

The college-readiness component of the American curriculum focuses on three aspects of student success: awareness, eligibility, and preparedness. All three aspects need to be taught in concert throughout a student’s education. Awareness of college admission requirements, life after graduation, and financial aid are important components of the overall program. This component may be introduced as early as middle school, but it requires an overarching belief that all students can succeed in post-secondary education.

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